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Tokyo-based Shinsuke Takizawa, founder of Japanese powerhouse brand NEIGHBORHOOD, and Tommy O’Gara of luxury eyewear label DITA, Native Sons features classic designs with updated, quality materials. Drawing inspiration from the postwar design boom, and with it the personal styles of mid-20th century iconoclasts and culture movers, Native Sons' line of eyeglasses and sunglasses are simple, detailed, and made for a lifetime of use. 


Opting to use only the most resilient materials, acetate frames are cellulose-based, while metal frames are constructed of premium titanium. Long diamond-tooled core wires and signature star nut hinges, standard on all models, further the level of durability. Crafted in Japan with detailing and engravings universally hand-finished, Native Sons' pieces reflect a respect and continuity of old world craftsmanship.

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